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My Vision starts with you!


One woman, riding your menstrual cycle with love and joy!


Then the circle of women around you, creating time every moon to truly be seen and be heard!


Then a group of circles getting together to explore deeper the cyclical nature of woman, with earth, seasonally.


Then a web of circles creating a permanent menstrual space, "A Moon Hearth", for women to hold and be held sacredly.


Then a network of moon hearth's, nationally, creating from the ground up a grassroots movement of women, loving being women in support of one another. 


Then an international network, of webs, made up of circles, of women, Living Gently with themselves, with eachother and with the earth.  


From here we are looking to build OUR WOMB TEMPLE...

This is the sigil for Our Womb Temple... as I truly wish to conjure it's existence!! 

ALL of that is still true... just not segregated. 

Can we imagine what life looks like supporting each other? What a Hearth that is held by 4 or 5 families, children, elders, all in the mix. Those that are member owners of the Alchemical Worx Worker Cooperative are the core, their dependents welcome. 

We have crucibles where we work, temples too. We generate collective wealth, we invest in housing for our members. These Hearths are then working working towards Sanctuary, bigger chunks of land that can hold temples to Earth, to living with Earth, well, being enough. Feeding our Hearths with excellent food. Building retreat, somewhere to rest deeply, with. 



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