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TEMPLE OF THE BLOOD, Menstrual Meditation.

MOONCUP, Menstrual Cup.

HARNESSING the FERTILE FORCE, Work in progress, Digital package.


DIGITAL CLASSES: (stay tuned... these are on their way!)

Building a Women's Circle. Udemy Course NOW AVAILABLE for FREE. 

Clearing Menstrual Shame, Udemy Course Coming Soon.

Harnessing the Fertile Force, Udemy Course Coming Soon.

Download the Workbook for "Building a Women's Circle here. 

Temple of the Blood, Menstrual Meditation.

Change the Belief, Change the Experience 


Shifting the Menstrual Experience from the inside.


This guided visual journey can create access to the causal level of the belief system about

the menstrual experience. By using this meditation each time you cycle, or pre-menstrual

if that is a harsher time, allow yourself to truly change something that is not yours, you

did not decide to have this shame nor pain, OUR culture did!


Every woman was born without shame of their body's normal cycle self, we were taught that. 


The menstrual cycle is not designed to be painful, but pain is generated from many places. 


From the album notes... 


My first blood I can scarcely remember. The Shame of my rusty smell was present, but not the moment I became a woman. The pain, the pain was all I knew. Why was I cursed with such pain? We all were, silent in our agony, knowing grimaces as we clutched our abdomens forcing ourselves into the normality of our brothers world, our greatest fear, that of detection. Then, I was asked a question, “What is it of being a woman that I was afraid of?”


This question set my path in motion, as each cycle thereafter I began to care for myself during the blood. I began to open and wonder at its presence within my body, within the bodies of all women. I found a place where I was at peace with my body, my Blood and there was no more pain. Then there came a tool, a simple, elegant, woman devised tool; The Keeper. A small soft rubber cup that collected my Blood and could be washed and re-used for the next 10 years. This set me free from the financial tyranny of an industry I had long mistrusted.


From the freedom The Keeper afforded I began to have actual contact with the many hues of red my Blood contains. From there I opened to many books, many women, and each cycle dedicated me further into what I have come to understand as my Blood Contract. As my relationship with the Moon deepened, as I began to fathom Her governing of the Earth’s water, I became aware of the ebb and flow of being a woman.


I looked to my sisters and saw pain and shame and began to share that which I knew. The more I opened my mouth, the more I felt to say out loud. This Meditation, this journey through the shame to the other side into the strength to bleed well, this first Blood of the ancients, has come from those moments of Blood that She has spoken through me.


Thus this meditation is a beginning, a place to start to open to your own understanding of what the Blood means to you as an individual and to us all as women of this planet. Imagine what we can be if we are free to share the Blood knowledge with our brothers, our fathers, our sons and our lovers. Imagine our world where the Blood is a sacrament... as it was once know to be by our ancient sisters. Imagine our Temple of the Blood within, sacred again. 


I invite you to this work, experience it for yourself. If you can find a place as a health practitioner that can consider prescribing this meditation for your female clients that just can't seem to shift the negative state... please contact for wholesale CD sales or affiliate options. 


"The Temple of the Blood contains the most powerful. moving meditation on menstrual wisdom I have ever experienced." 

Christine Northrup, MD & best-selling women's health author


With Deep Blessings of the Blood for there are so many, Katherine Cunningham.


Temple of the Blood.

There are three options of purchase:

On the page: "Shop for Products" please find the first two options,

The physical CD, only 150 left, purchase from Katherine Cunningham 

direct, $25 AUD which includes postage to any where in the world.   

The mp3 of just the meditation, $8 AUD 


Just here, please find the third option:

The mp3 of the whole album available with CD Baby as a whole album only. $15 USD

Some feedback for Temple of the Blood


“I would like to express my heart felt gratitude for the great work you are doing in regards to helping us reclaim our bodies and learning to “Bleed Well”. I have listened to “The Temple of the Blood” meditation 5 cycles in a row & I’m beginning to see profound changes occurring in my life. (eg. the intensity of menstrual pain has decreased dramatically for the last 2 cycles),” 



"I am grateful for Katherine for providing me with such a tool as the Temple of the Blood meditation CD. Every bleed I turn to the meditation to guide me into a safe, nourishing space within myself, of which I often lose touch with in the shadow of my Dark Moon. Each time I surrender to Katherine's voice, I relax deeper into layers of the Collective Feminine Subconscious and connect with an inner-nurturing that no external means could ever match. The chants of my sisters, didgeridoo and drumming that beats directly to the pulse of my bleeding womb, transports me to a familiar place and I am at peace. Receptive, held and nourished. Finding such resources within myself is what is most empowering about these tools."

Charlotte, Artist


"The Temple of the Blood CD is sacred to me during my cycle. I find it to be a pool of strength and understanding for me. It is my connection to other strong willed and wise women, whom I need to draw compassion, understanding, love and consolation from; This cd is constantly with me and reminds me of my own sacredness. It was an entry into my feminine self quite literally and metaphorically."

Pixie, Owner of Tender and Raw personal training.


"Thank you Katherine for creating this gift to our wombs! I feel such a deep healing, a washing of wounds that have lain unacknowledged. The power of ritual that takes place in the unconsious is so magnificent, such a simple process indeed has many layers that I am sure continue to unravel long after I have had a session with the CD. The beauty of this process is it's ability to heal and unravel not only my own pain but that of generations before me, my beloved mothers who feel the healing as much as I. A feeling of coming evermore to a deep place of acceptance, honouring and openness to the incredible gifts that lay within my blood."

Grace Natakhan, Dr of Chinese Medicine. 


My Periods were a source of suffering for me. Menstrual issues came to me from my mother and her mother. They were always incredibly heavy, painful and ultrasound tests had shown the possibilitly of polycistic ovarian syndrome. Growing up in the patriarchal culture led me to believe it was shameful and disgusting and I had been internalising those feelings every cycle.

In 2007, when I was 22, I was lucky enough to be gifted a copy of "The Temple of the Blood". As I participated in the meditation, I felt lifetimes of shame and guilt released from my body. I found myself feeling so held and nurtured by the most eternal Feminine prescence. I wept with gratitude and relief as I stopped blaming my body for what was so natural and beautiful. For the first time in my life, I felt what Woman is, and I was proud to be her. I continued the practice with my monthly cycle for 13 moons. I began to look forward to the Bleed as a chance to connect deeply to myself and the Divine Feminine. My periods have since been less painful, much lighter and I have not had a cyst on my ovaries for years. 

Katherine's work began a process of healing that I continue to this day. I cannot express the extent of my gratitude. The Mother is with me now, and I with Her, always. Thank you Katherine.

Echo Leia Andarta, Ayurvedic practitioner.

MOONCUP, Menstrual Cup.


The Menstrual Cup is not going anywhere. It is a powerful alternative to the tampon, if you are an internal kind of a woman. If you don't use internals, then the re-useable pads are for you, more about them in the resources page. The Menstrual Cup is a power-filled choice that may well need some support as you navigate your thinking around the use of it. Please, confront what ever is in your way from using this awesome tool. The relationship you can build by being in contact in this very real way is so very rewarding on many levels. But, be warned, there are many cultrual trip wires in your way, and being prepared to face the societal backlash for being this level of free from menstrual tyranny is important. 

This Link will take you to the Mooncup company to buy yourself a state of freedom you've never known. 

Enjoy this cheeky youtube, their channel has a few gems. Once you're on YouTube there are many different opinions about the cup, some hilarious, some just an illustration of how deep the conditioning goes.

Harnessing the Fertile Force... the work. 


Why would you purchase this work?

Harnessing the Fertile Force is for creating the howlback of your cycle... the more you love and live in your body, the more delicious it is to live in your body!!


What is in the bundle?

ALL of the four visualzations, the charting .pdf, the notes .pdf.  By following the class notes, you will see how the work is to be used. By using the chart, making the notes on what is, and sharing that process with your partner and family together you can truly open the conversation to being with your menstrual cycle not in denial of it's effect upon you and your world. 


How to use:

Once you have your four tools/visualizations on an mp3 player, use the one corresponding to the phase you are in right now. Have you just finished menstruating? Can you feel the fullness of ovulation? or perhaps a tension of just before your menstruation is due? Where ever you are, begin. Each visualization is between 20-30 mins long. I hope that you can find that kind of time for yourself every day, if not, just four times a cycle. 


Becoming aware of when you are ovulating is probably the hardest for most women in this culture. Interestingly this is information about the self that few women are trained to understand about their own bodies. How beautiful it will be when more women are invested in this kind of education, this kind of self knowledge. For turning and facing our fertile force, our power to create life both physically and creatively, we can harness it for building a life we truly wish to live, rather than a shadow of who we are, medicated to a place where we can not feel the pulse of a throbbing fire in our belly. I find it a clear waste of a life to merely drag oneself through time, rather than ride the wisdom and power available in every cycle to truly have the self in alignment with our truth, our source, living a life that has deep meaning to the self. Whole, real and passionate! Turn delicious woman, turn and face your power to create ANYTHING you choose!   


To Purchase the complete set of all four mp3's and the .pdf's...  for $30 AUD... please go to the "Shop for Products" page.  One of the four mp3's is available to listen.

Please try it out and get an understanding of what this work can do. 





Harnessing the FF
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