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#ReGenesis of 3_16.

OUR Womb Temple


A vision for us ALL. To build with deep loving sacredness. To access the deep void within. To honour ALL that we are when we are with. 


To build womb temple is to create and commit to the intent, the time, the energy, the resources to this core desire, to be with womb. To have a space that is for the sacred connection to the womb that you have, the womb that you came from, the womb of earth that we are all a part of... to traverse the void within, held by mater, mother.


The purely physical reality of this temple is becoming more and more real each time I perceive it. To build the infrastructure to house the women that will arrive to the core build of this power-filled intent. As community arrives around this, as each woman hears her call to this, we have opportunity to meet that call. To keep opening up the dreaming to any woman or man that can hear this call.


As we build the foundations, the ground work, the accommodation, the bath house, kitchen and eating hall, the studio’s (wet and dry), the food forests , orchards and vege patches, the chook palaces and goat stables... as we build... there is always room for those that want to come and lend a hand on the land. We work 4-5 hours a day, eat well, sleep well, and take as much time as possible to make the art along the way!


The actual temple, a wooden frame waiting to be adorned by blessed earth, lovingly cobbed by women’s hands. Each mound of clay, sand and straw is blessed by our blood, our hair, making the temple truly OF us. Sinking each day before we mud, into a sacred state, that we may build this Temple from and with deep connection. Each afternoon and evening we do the work, the emotional supports to sustain this build. We use the Earth Lodge, we use the studio’s, we use the Labyrinth, we eat well, we sleep well, we do the work.


There is great opportunity to be a part of this, maybe you are part of the initial crew that build the infrastructure... a lot of what we build with can come from our 50 acres, so many dead trees standing to be milled, clay shelves found.


If you know you are one of those women, one of those women that want to have your hands in that mud, at least a part of you anchored in the earth that holds... then start collecting your blood now... start saving some monies, each spot for the 10 day cycle of build will be about $1,500. That’s for 10 days of accommodation, delicious home grown food, ritual, art therapy and so much more!! These spots, probably only 40, 5 cycles of 8 women, will be made available in the near future, stay in touch.


The path to making this real is becoming clearer each time I sit with it, in blood, in meditation, in just general feeling and thinking, I know that there is incredible possibility in this vision. I have a delicious gastromic experience that I conjure... the end moment that means we have made it... Tis of me sharing a meal with a group of women, about 10 of us. We are on the big long porch, bathed in sunlight as the sun sets, eating a stunning meal from our earth, goats cheese, fresh bread, salad, fresh fruit... a banquet of love. We all have a slight shade of mud about us, for it is the end of the 5th cycle... our Temple nearly finished. All she needs now are the AWESOME cathedral Yoni doors to be hung, and the inner sanctum cervix wooden iris/ hobbit circular door to be set in place... the wood fired rocket stove, ready to set off. The poured earth floor drying.


From here the invitation to begin sharing the Herstory of her interior will slowly unfold... Tis a hope and dream that women from around the world will contribute to this mosaic of amazing time-line understanding of being woman. Each woman that spends time in this Womb Temple is invited to make her offering to the edges, to the one continuous wall.


As you can possibly perceive, this vision is EPIC. If you feel like you are one of the crew that will build this, just stay in touch, get the newsletter. There will be many opportunities to come and play.

Please, download, read and circulate this vivid dreaming to make real OUR Womb Temple


Embodied Education Studio

Bunkhouses and Living Spaces

The Embodied Education Studio and the live in facilities that are to support it, will make some blessed creative space available to continue the exploration of the purpose of the menstrual cycle as an access point to our natural state of harmony with our earth.


Building an opportunity to share that sweet descent out of this world, into an inner landscape that is valued, that is shared and expressed, that perhaps can guide us through these crazy times. Shit is getting a whole lot real and if you don’t have access to a deeper guidance system, than the noise that is currently polluting our minds, then you are a leaf on the winds of change.


This work grounds you in that luminous state of grace, aligned with who you are, why you’re here, what you are doing and a clear an honest path towards wholeness and realness. As a woman, you get to peel back the messy that has encrusted you. As a man there is space in this work to truly see the ALL of the woman in your world. As a mama and daughter, there is an opportunity to build such strong and juicy relations that will support those intense years of teenager time, with honest empowerment around a young woman’s becoming fertility and sexuality. 


Having the opportunity to house, to hold with good food and warm beds, whilst doing the emotional work will be incredible!


Our Bio-Dynamic/Organic farm is just unfolding. There is much arriving this next Spring, this Summer. Chickens, goats, vege’s... Hopefully our two horses! Each weekend and weeklong stays will have that blessed opportunity to collect the eggs, milk a goat… be with some earth. 


Most of what we build with comes from our land, or close by. Our earth for adobe, our dead trees standing for milling and building with whole trees.  Loads of fun to create in the heart, head and hands! If you feel like being a part of that, you are welcome to come and stay as a Helpxer, for as long as you feel to be here and play! 

#ReGenesis 3_16


"Words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong... isn’t there?" Alan Moore, V for Vendetta. 


(the original Genesis 3:16)

These are words that were so powerful

they destroyed a woman’s right...

We took those words, we chewed on them,

we swirled them around in our hearts and heads

until we could devour the pain and suffering they had caused,

until we could discern why they were still being used and

how to disarm the violence they had ensured...

We Took... Gensis 3:16 and turned it on its head...

I give you ReGenisis of 3:16...

may it go viral.


Please Share... with complete conviction as this is a reality we ALL deserve...


REGENESIS 3:16 To Women WE Say:      

"We will greatly increase your JOY in childbearing. 

With ECSTASY you will give birth to children. 

Your Desire will be yours to own and 

No-one will rule over you.”


Be a part of the Process of creating deep change. We are building all manner of ways to engage these new words and as there is considered to be over 6 billion copies of the bible out there, there is some serious shifting to be done!!  Please come back to this page and engage in the process of creatively re-framing this story!


I would love it if you would join me in making a meme of your own!! Add a pic that you feel works, and these NEW words!  By using the hashtag #ReGenesis3_16 we get to stay in relations to this as it grows! 


Lets see how far we can take this idea!! 


This is a file with 14 (7x2) sections, PERFECT for STICKERS!!