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Bosom Buddies with our Banshee



Let us spend a day together dismantling the patriarchy that lives within us all. Learning to build sisterhood by exploring what being woman means to us. Engaging the Rage that so many of us make ourselves so wrong and bad for, when we didn't build this shit show. Bring a sovereignty to our PMS or Menopausal Monster and comprehend the hormonal journey we are upon, then own the rest. By the end of the day we shall build a breast loving oil each to take home, to create a practice of self loving that opens and clears the heart.


Worksheets and all materials for breast oil will be provided to take home with you. Maximum of 10 participants. Three separate dates available.  9th, 20th and 24th September.

Held at Red Ravens' Perch, Crn Victoria St. and William St. West Melbourne.


Upon arrival we shall share some tea or coffee and cake. Soup and sandwich, simple lunch. 

Plenty of snacks available throughout the day, so please email any dietary requirements.

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