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The best way to do this work is to call me into YOUR circle.
Your sister's, your sisters' sisters', a circle of women that can gather
again and again. Letting the work sink deep into your bones. 
The Second best way to do this during our state of isolation,
is online with me and some awesome women already signed up.
I have yet to share this work online, so this is an experiment.
Harnessing the Fertile Force.  The 4 Tuesdays of May, 2020. 
10.30 -11.45am.   $20 donation appreciated
Send me your name, email address, I will respond. 
These workings are practices, not silver bullets. Transformations indeed, and thresholds are crossed, you can't unknow what you will know once here,
BUT... there is no substitute for the  power lived from a circle of women.
In these times, I consider it a necessity
not a luxury to be a part of a women's circle.
These workings are CIRCLE TECHNOLOGIES. Tools, practices, perceptions, frameworks that enable a deeply wild sovereign sisterhood.
I can come to you, or we can all go to a secret spot I have found. 
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STARFIRE. Flagship workshop of embodied menstrual education. 

HARNESSING THE FERTILE FORCE. Full day of FULL ownership of what it means to create life, our LIFE.

NATURAL FERTILITY EDUCATION. Private sessions for conception or contraception use. 

EARTH LODGE RETREAT; Re Connecting our Creativity, Claiming our Purpose, Initiation. 

BOSOM BUDDIES WITH OUR BANSHEE; Breastcare, Sisterhood, Banshee embracing. AWESOME FUN. 

BUILDING VASALISA/BABA YAGA DOLL; By ourself or with our daughter.

CHANGING OUR ARMOUR; creating safe boundaries from soft self care, felting ourselves pure love. 







The real beauty of being a woman.


 This is the information that your mothers could have used and

your daughters have a right to know.



The Real Beauty of Being a woman is having deep within access to the inner plains of being, emotional and mental balancing systems and the capacity to call all manner of mojo up and out of the belly.


Are you going there and coming back each and every bleed, building and growing your life to reflect the deep shades of red moon wisdom that bubble to the surface as you are still, open and free?


Tis Time Sisters...


On a planet that is drowning in illusion and the manufactured emotion of plastic values, women can change the tide by standing tall in all that is soft but strong, like water, offering that which is of real value, to truly live... gently, with the self, with each other and with the earth.


Since 1995 I have placed together the tools and practices that have enabled me to “bleed well”, consciously engaging and enjoying the rhythmic cycle of my bodies relationship with inner and outer worlds. My inner strength is formidable, my sense of self is solid to the core, my sexuality unleashed, my energy understood thus surfed like the waves of the ocean.  If you or the women in your world are plagued by menstrual disorder/discomfort or you spend a good $20 a month plugging yourself up and/or medicating yourself down, I have to tell you there is SO much more available. This is the information that your mothers could have used, and your daughters have a right to know. I offer an opinion, no greater or lesser than your own, but an opinion that could change the way you wear your skin, and turn a curse into a blessing.    


The following are just some of the areas that the weekend explores. The whole journey is one of exploration and discovery. The format allows for many moments of sharing, as well as lots of information delivered in such as way as to truly ‘know’ your body’s potential.  


  • Mythology of women and menstruation.

  • The purpose and experience of Bleeding.

  • Tools of balance for the emotional and mental realms. 

  • How your Bleeding effects your Birthing experience.

  • Menstrual Yoga.

  • Menstrual Suppression?

  • Moon Phases & women’s cycles.

  • Menstrual Meditation.

  • Sisterhood.

  • Undercurrent fears that are maintained by industry.

  • A moment to re-experience Menarche.

  • PMS and emotional expression.

  • Ancient & Present day Menstrual Art.

  • Menstrual Jewellery Design. Women’s Blood rites & traditions.


Through words, art, movement, contemplation and general sharing we as a group of women will travel to a land where most don’t get to discuss. Rarely in our culture is there room to explore the purpose of menstruation, the history or the deep experience that is possible. Each woman will receive a copy of my Menstrual Meditation CD called Temple of the Blood, as well as a booklet that covers all that we explore. 


Sharing this journey with women that you may or may not know (invite your friends) over the weekend or 3 fortnights will assist in creating the deep habit of making space for oneself.  As a woman, your inner landscapes needs to become important to you first, then this can be shared with the world effectively. 


StarFire is what I call Circle Technology. It is designed to be opened in a circle of women that know eachother, that can continue the work long after I am gone. There is so much that shifts and changes and being with those that know and love you make the journey that much safer to allow these changes.  


The cost for this work varies with the venue, if it's in your home, your spot is free and we can keep it at $250 per woman (minimum of 5 extra women). If at a venue then it will vary accordingly, at the farm, less. 


Feedback from StarFire

"Namaste Goddess,

Thankyou for such a beauty full experience this past weekend. My blood began to flow today & this will be the first time in my life as a woman that my blood shall flow as conscious sacrament, to disentangle myself from the painbody & dive deeply within. The divine feminine has smiled upon me tonight as work has just called & cancelled leaving me the evening to light my candles, slip on my blood skirt & dance my way home. I am so honoured to have called in the rich, grounded, strong & inspiring earthmother that is you Katherine, to guide & remind me of the incredible portal that is woman. Thank you.


Today I feel Glorious. As the blood pulls me to the earth I feel deeply surrendered to her weight, no fighting, no resistance, instead a deep sense of peace & gratitude resides within me & I truly feel the vastness & depth of my being.

The pmt was not quite so graceful :) but I was able to watch her, sometimes in the present sometimes in retrospect, & slowly learning to loosen her grip. I am so grateful to have arrived here on my path & am so keen to share this with as many women as possible.


So important that women remember this, so much potential power to be harnessed, so much love & depth to be stepped into,& the time feels like NOW. Honoured, Excited, Grateful & Inspired Thankyou Amazing Woman"    Tina. 


"Katherine's workshop is amazing! It was so much better than what I expected. She used really creative techniques to guide us through journey's of womanhood which helped to heal everyone in the group. Katherine is well read in menstrual education and delivers her knowledge with clarity. I'd recommend this workshop to any woman wanting a deeper connection with herself."  Pauline Langmead. 


"I want to tell you you are with me in my thoughts all the time. I honour your path, your work and you as a woman. I am incredibly grateful for your workshop which was just illuminating and revolutionary. I send you love when I dance. I loved your booklet and I loved your divine red velvet clothes. I loved the sound of your voice. I can still hear it. I could feel your deep sense of self, your deep sense of self comfort and self love, your nurturing, tenderness and your LOVE.


You are a goddess, a leader. I admire your courage, your discoveries and your sacred offerings to me and the women. I have changed the way I bleed because of you. Though I still struggle to honour my bleeding as deeply as I would like to, I am making progress. I love bleeding and miss bleeding in the bush behind mullum where i used to live 2 years ago. I've been in sydney for two years now. Anyway I want to say i love you, you inspire me and your work has had a profound effect on my womanhood and probably the lives of many many other women.

Much love and immense gratitude to you sacred woman. May you be happy and may your work spread worldwide and touch the lives of millions. Blessings, blessings, blessings."


Angela. a doula, healer,  mother of a six year old daughter (at the time of writing this) , dancer, stifled writer and performer.

"This deep journey is the history of woman, it is the years of oppression and depression that has had us dampen and disbelieve our true power - it is a course in cutting the shackles of the daily, monthly grind and re-experiencing it through new eyes and new understanding - it is the reclaiming in love and compassion our true inner strength - being a woman is not about trying to be all there is - it is about being just that - a woman." Anonymous sister. 

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Lauren Feedback Meme.png
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Harnessing the FF

HARNESSING THE FERTILE FORCE. Full day of FULL ownership of what it means to create life, our LIFE.

Harnessing the Fertile Force is for every woman at every age, for whether our womb and ovaries are physical or auric, we still cycle with the moon and bring forth our being... or not. 


Every Egg or force of Ovulation is a movement forward, towards our life, our fertile future...


... or it is un-considered as we participate in all those outside noises that seem so important, more important than ourselves... This is the offering... are you going to listen to,work with ALL that incredible possibility that lay within you? or are you going to stay in deference to those outside of you?


This is a set of tools, to be learned individually as well as collectively. To know where you are going, to set your path in motion, you need to know who you are and why you are here. To have all of you available whole and real, as well as understanding with compassion your frame of reference for all that you know a woman to be... these are the whole gifts of this cycle, no one point any more important or vital than any other. With ALL four phases, parts of the circle intact, functioning and being with, the life you get to lead is truly your own, funded from the deep inner states of living that can be as fecund as you allow it to be. 


If you are the core of a family, the one that is looked to, to supply so very much, then feeding yourself from this inner well, feeds them too. To have this kind of guidance system in such volatile times as these decades ahead may well be, is to have a knowledge you cannot find anywhere else, but also a profound trust in self and She.


This one day workshop has you experience each of the phases of the cycle, exploring the transitions too as indicators that we need to be mapping, as we build deep relations with our body. There is even space here to learn how to bring our menfolk and families into real relations with our menstrual experience, that we may ALL make room for this power-filled part of being a woman.  


This one day workshop is best accessed after you have the solidness of the StarFire experience within. The day's work costs $125 with the worksheets and a digital download of the four guided visualizations included.  If there is a minimum of 5 students, in your lounge room or workplace one spot is free. 



Nat Fert Edu

Natural Fertility Education. 

These sessions are available for women and for couples.


They are for a complete relationship with your fertile self, so that you get to decide when you want to expand your life to include a child. The freedom this offers you comes in many ways! Freedom from any on going medication, from the fear of not knowing, and that lush freedom of sexuality that is safe and understood.

Give yourself permission to know!


I studied Natural Fertility Education with Kerry Hampton ten years ago. Having practiced it over these years with couples and single women, I have a deep appreciation for the wisdom of the body. The learning of how your body works, how you hear you, is unique to every woman. It is why you work with a practitioner so that you can be truly sure you have the correct markers from your body to make an informed choice. Delicious to share with ones partner.


There is a powerful book to use for recording that is included in the cost. Also added to this package is the contents of Harnessing a Fertile Force, the 4 guided visualizations that give strength to each phase and the Mapping tool for integration in your world.


We can work in person in Melbourne or online, via Zoom. $150 for the three sessions, (the first often over an hour the second and third or fourth if needed, often 30 mins), recording book, the Mp3's and mapping tool.


Natural Fertility Education, when used correctly, is as effective as many hormonal offerings, but without the side effects or on going costs to purse and health.

Earth Lodge Retreat

EARTH LODGE RETREAT; Re Connecting our Creativity, Claiming our Purpose, Initiation. 

An Earth lodge is a Sweat lodge, but with a step to the left. Instead of the hot rocks and the intense heat, we bring in warm earth, soft warm earth. Into the same space that the rocks would have been are all our feet, so sitting inside the lodge is sitting quite straight, bum on the earth, feet in the center. Then the warm earth bury's our feet. grounding us deeper. There is one long round, not the four rounds that are traditional for the Sweat lodge. In this one long round we shed... we let go... keep letting go, sinking deeper and deeper in, within, into Her, into Earth. There is room for tears, for singing in the beginning, for deep letting go, releasing all that has ever been... the opportunity is to allow for as long as we need, all the time that we need... rarely do we allow for that much time... all the way in. As we feel the moment of letting go, of finishing letting go, of return, we keep ourselves to ourselves, and take this bounty of experience to our art form. As we have prepared our creative space before we enter, we can move straight from lodge into our expression, thus keep the jewels we have just collected from the depths. 


We start early in the morning, having water only, to keep our energy for being, not digesting. As we settle into the creative space after lodge, I will bring you some breakfast to break the fast, enough to keep going, with a larger meal as you come out of the creative trance. Rarely do we get to mix our sacred states with our creative states, and for me this is key. This is a pathway once opened can be accessed for the rest of your life.

Bosom Buddies

BOSOM BUDDIES WITH OUR BANSHEE; Breastcare, Sisterhood, Banshee embracing. AWESOME FUN. 


BUILDING VASALISA/BABA YAGA DOLL; By ourself or with our daughter. 

Let's get it off our Chest! For if it stays there too long, it will rot. 


Learning all about how we can lovingly care for our *Bosom*. Our breast care can be the seek and destroy fearful dig for lumps, or it can be the gentle bringing forward of a soft loving state. We will be making a loving breast oil, personalized to carry with it what we feel we need in this self care rite.  


*Buddies* is all about our sisterhood, the living it, the loving it, the making peace with it. The self loving act that is an emotionally well held circle, that can heal just by being here, really here and in the now. A sisterhood check in is all about our womanhood in the context of the women of our world. Exploring the sheilds of comparision and the swords of competition and their transmutation. As we learn and share the depths of being woman, we forgive ourselves, our mothers and each other. Building bonds that are profoundly strong. 


Swallowing down our *Banshee*, or letting her splatter gun the surrounding people and furniture, is not going to sustain us. Being with that rage, giving it permission, and some truly blood curdling cries with our full body behind it. Let's get in there, then take some positive actions, like the ritualized smashing of dinner plates, and really engage her, our Banshee, as she has never been seen before. Then we get to love her, like she has never been loved before! 


This work is all about building relations: with your breasts, your sisters and your rage! 


Tis time delicious woman to love your bosoms as they are, feel safe in the deep company of women and make amends with your Banshee. We will spend the weekend, deep in the permission of women to feel, to trust, to share, to heal. I know that this working will heal on levels we rarely touch. Please join me in the circle, hopefully with a sister of your own. Or you could bring your whole circle of women out to a delicious spot for a weekend of Banshee Goodness. 

If this working speaks to you, we have a spot just an hour and a half out of the city where we can be as LOUD as we need to be! Minimum of 12 women, maximum of 20. Will be an incredible weekend. 






Baba Yaga

Sharing the journey of making this doll, with either other women or with your young maid and other pairs of mother/daughters will be a blessed state to explore.


A whole week in the studio! A week long farm stay. A good long week of being deeply with the self in a way that we rarely do! I am looking forward to meeting the women that will allow this for themselves, for their relations with their daughters.


This journey is to build your own version of Baba Yaga/Vasalisa. Check in with our Maiden and Witch/Crone, explore mother line, sisterhood, and our blood connection to the blessed Earth. We will hold each other in Earth lodge as one of our tools for accessing within. As well as bush walking, gentle yoga, trance dancing and powerful guided visualizations.  To grant ourselves the permission to spend a week in the studio, deeply with our feminine.  


An entire weeks curriculum exploring the tale, making your own doll, expressing the aspects of the story as they are understood, felt through. There is such richness to be found in the Vasalisa Story. The embodiement of intuition, the becoming of the good mother. There is a transferance of power, a bestowing of wisdom and strength, recognising the woman our daughter is becoming, or allowing our little girl within to grow. Honouring and exploring the sexual nature, the fertile force, the menstrual self. Taking this further to our Crone self, for the mother or woman that has paused, there is power to be claimed in the witch crone of the psyche or there will be one day.


CHANGING OUR ARMOUR; creating safe boundaries from soft self care, felting ourselves pure love. 


Creating Safe. Shedding Fear. Releasing the Fears our Mothers clothed us in. Challenging what has caged us. Transfroming any thread of victim into the power that lives there. For where there is fear there is power. 


When we explore the boundaries of self, our amour, our notions of protection, what can truly protect us, we start to see how many levels of self have been contained in our profound desire to stay alive. Our manufactured fear that we have been stewing in can be challenged, can be changed. 


Working with the Earth Lodge, then into the studio to wet felt, we are going to sink deeply into the conjuring of profound understanding of our vunerable strength. Our core strength, our Love. Wet felting, working with water and wool to build a set of arm warmers, a scarf and/or a hat. To take home with us the softness we can choose. 


This is not the schooling on how to be a doormat, this is the wisdom of creating incredible freedom within and thus with our world. If you feel afraid some of the time, or maybe most of the time. If your inner critic is paralysing your creative force. If you know you are trapped inside some harsh walls to tall to scale, to thick to break down alone. This working is for you. 


This will be at least a full two day's process. Arriving Friday afternoon, then on till an early dinner on Sunday.  Cost availble as we set dates. We will be working with a professional wet felting artist, with materials supplied. 

Amore to Armour
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