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How to use this prospectus most excellently.


I invite you to print this. Make it a real thing to share between you. Both of you will need to be fully engaged with this concept to take advantage of what is possible and sharing its reality will be easier with a printed piece of paper.


Get yourself and your partner a cup of tea (or glass of wine) and have a real conversation about the possibility of this.


Or, just print it out and leave it out in plain sight for a week, before you even mention it.


Please recognise that this is not therapy. You are not broken, (maybe a little bent, but in a good way), you don’t need fixing. BUT, where do we learn the finer things, the more subtle states of body, fertility, sexuality and the genetic effects of our grandparent’s life upon our current reality? Where in our world do we find the tools to tend the font of ever flowing love and life from deep within? Where do we learn to prepare our hearts and minds for parenthood, not just our bodies?


Even if you don’t wish to go any further. Filling in your answers to these questions, each of you, will be a useful exercise. No one will die if you do this and you just may learn that there is more to learn.


About Preconception Exploration

Preconception Exploration is an extensive 6 month journey between you and your partner. It will be facilitated by Katherine Cunningham in two hour sessions each fortnight face to face in Melbourne or one hour session weekly on Skype anywhere in the world. There will be daily exploration in your own time. Each session will take us deeper and deeper into the relationship vessel that you are building to hold you both and whomever else you choose to open to.

This work is a powerful study of what can be shared between two people, to explore relationship in a powerful way so that your lives are empowered by the real and honest expression of who you are, how you function.  Being able to own your own power, then share that power in a way that honours you both.




Included in the package



13 x 2 hour sessions with Katherine Cunningham over 6 months face to face in Melbourne, or 26 x 1 hour sessions weekly online.



The Natural Fertility Education book, by Katherine Cunningham.

The Harnessing the Fertile Force Map, by Katherine Cunningham.

The Honouring the Rhythm in Men Map, by Katherine Cunningham.

Optimising Woman, by Miranda Gray.

Irritable Male Syndrome, by Jed Diamond.

The Multi-orgasmic Couple, by Mantak Chia, Maneewan Chia, Douglas Abrams, Rachel Charlton Abrams.

The Story of V, by Catherine Blackledge.

The Book of the Penis, by Maggie Paley.

Daring Greatly by Brené Brown


Guided visualizations:

Four phases of the menstrual cycle.

Mapping the Yoni and Lingam.

Being with what is of our sexual heritage, a guided process.

Long slow deep encounters of breathe and skin.


Worksheets (printed on heavy card):

Mother and Father Line processes.

The Sexual Heritage Honouring. 



About Katherine Cunningham


I studied Natural Fertility Education with Kerry Hampton in 2007. By 2010 I had built my own recording book as I considered there to be more available in the opportunity afforded. As the work grew, I built Harnessing the Fertile Force, an evolution of my menstrual education that is StarFire. I have been working with women for over 20 years. It is time to work with couples.


I am an educator, and in that this work is explorative work. We are in the journey together, learning. I will take your attention to many parts of your being that you may not have understood, nor ever explored before; that's the point of taking the adventure!


In this process, if or when you uncover anything that you need some intensive support through, it is best to have a working relationship with a health practitioner. There are a number of practitioners that I have created relations with in Melbourne to support this work. These include Naturopaths, Chinese Herbal Doctors, Sexual Therapists, Art Therapists and more dedicated professionals.


I will always be available to talk with, but please take responsibility for your healing and get the appropriate assistance when necessary. 






Each face to face session shall be held in a nurturing clinic space in on Wellington Parade in East Melbourne.

The online offering will be with what and when works best for us both.


Financial Investment:

Total cost including all books and learning materials for face to face is $3300.

A $1500 deposit is required to secure your booking, followed by three $600 payments in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th months.

Total for the online offering is $2800, all the books and learning materials posted to your address. A $1000 deposit to secure your booking, followed by three $600 payments, in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th months.

Or, you are welcome to pay the full amount in the beginning.


Time investment: 

A two hour+ session every fortnight, for six months, or hourly/weekly if online.

A ten minute daily check-in with each other for anchoring the journey in the book and maps.

A date night every week for practicing the art forms being learnt.

Read the six books provided over the six months, which can even be read together out loud to share the wisdom and explore the content.


Fortnightly face to face Course Content. Online offering is weekly with each session broken down into two parts.


1st Session

Fertility and Emotional Landscape Book Introduced. The metrics to be explored. Overall learning of the biology of being fertile for both women and men. The implications of collating this information. An overview of the entire program.


2nd Session

Revisit the Fertility Book, Introduce the Mapping Lexicon Builders. First section, Menstruation. BEING WITH PURPOSE.


3rd Session

Revisit the Fertility Book, share the Mapping Lexicon Builders. Second section, Pre Ovulation. VISIONING COMBINED FUTURE.


4th Session

Revisit the Fertility Book, share the Mapping Lexicon Builders. Third section, Ovulation. DOING THE WORK (Legacy)


5th Session

Revisit the Fertility Book, share the Mapping Lexicon Builders. Fourth section, Pre Menstruation. HEALING TOWARDS WHOLENESS.


6th Session

Revisit the Fertility Book, share the Mapping Lexicon Builders. Mother Line timeline, grateful for the treasures, transforming the wounds. WOMB/EARTH HONOURING.


7th Session

Revisit the Fertility Book, share the Mapping Lexicon Builders. Father Line timeline, grateful for the treasures, transforming the wounds.  SPARK/SOURCE HONOURING.


8th Session

Revisit the Fertility Book, share the Mapping Lexicon Builders. Creating Safe. Learning our language of Love. Building a representation of our own sexual heritage. Bringing that honouring, honest and whole to each other.  


9th Session

Revisit the Fertility Book, share the Mapping Lexicon Builders.  Working with the Anima and Animus, in sacred ceremony towards the sacred marriage practice. Building the Vessel.


10th Session

Revisit the Fertility Book, share the Mapping Lexicon Builders. Bringing the reality of the sexual adventure to a mindfulness that can open to a practice.


11th Session

Revisit the Fertility Book, share the Mapping Lexicon Builders. Why do we want a child? What are we giving up? What fears and grief may be there? Do we decide now? Then? How? When? Creative Force, directed to children and/or living creatively, having the practices deepens the access.


12th Session

Revisit the Fertility Book, share the Mapping Lexicon Builders. To Not have a bebe we do… To have a bebe we do… Recognising the power of the 6 months of document that has been created. A timeline to date of any dealings with the medical profession. Rate these experiences with a metric that explores your power. Create an Authority to speak from and to in this your employment of any other professional. If we find ourselves currently unable to conceive, where to from here? Ownership generates Authority.


13th Session

An Extra session for time needed in any session.




The Invitation: 


This work is quite the journey and not for everyone. If you feel that your relationship is ready for this next level of relating, please follow this link   to the digital form you just explored. As you place your details there, I will be in touch as soon as possible.


If you have ANY questions, ANY doubts please speak to me about them. This work is brand new, there are many places in it that are still expanding and the explanation is often found only by asking the question, true of many things in life.  We will be running a webinar to speak to the questions arising.


For over 20 years I have worked with women, deeply owning the power and wisdom that lay in the womb. This work is about supporting that power and wisdom in the space between a woman and a man. To bring this forward into our relations and allow for a new level of brilliance available in our relationships and our parenting.


For men, there is an incredible offer of exploring your own hormonal rhythms complete unto themselves as well as learning to be with their effect upon yourself and your relationship.


Rarely does our culture afford us the opportunity to explore these levels of relating to the self and to the other. 


Thank you for reading through this prospectus.    I do hope we can work together.


With Deep Love and Respect,


Katherine Cunningham. 

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