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StarFire: Self Initiation Workbook


Since I crossed the threshold of menopause I have been writing this book. It is nearly ready for sharing. I do hope you have a women's circle to share it within as that will be the best way to use the book, with your women, in circle, a circle that does the work of circle and creates a safe and learning environment to share the epic adventure that is owning your blood, valuing the bleeding. 

Feedback from StarFire

"Namaste Goddess,

Thankyou for such a beauty full experience this past weekend. My blood began to flow today & this will be the first time in my life as a woman that my blood shall flow as conscious sacrament, to disentangle myself from the painbody & dive deeply within. The divine feminine has smiled upon me tonight as work has just called & cancelled leaving me the evening to light my candles, slip on my blood skirt & dance my way home. I am so honoured to have called in the rich, grounded, strong & inspiring earthmother that is you Katherine, to guide & remind me of the incredible portal that is woman. Thank you.


Today I feel Glorious. As the blood pulls me to the earth I feel deeply surrendered to her weight, no fighting, no resistance, instead a deep sense of peace & gratitude resides within me & I truly feel the vastness & depth of my being.

The pmt was not quite so graceful :) but I was able to watch her, sometimes in the present sometimes in retrospect, & slowly learning to loosen her grip. I am so grateful to have arrived here on my path & am so keen to share this with as many women as possible.


So important that women remember this, so much potential power to be harnessed, so much love & depth to be stepped into,& the time feels like NOW. Honoured, Excited, Grateful & Inspired Thankyou Amazing Woman"    Tina. 


"Katherine's workshop is amazing! It was so much better than what I expected. She used really creative techniques to guide us through journey's of womanhood which helped to heal everyone in the group. Katherine is well read in menstrual education and delivers her knowledge with clarity. I'd recommend this workshop to any woman wanting a deeper connection with herself."  Pauline Langmead. 


"I want to tell you you are with me in my thoughts all the time. I honour your path, your work and you as a woman. I am incredibly grateful for your workshop which was just illuminating and revolutionary. I send you love when I dance. I loved your booklet and I loved your divine red velvet clothes. I loved the sound of your voice. I can still hear it. I could feel your deep sense of self, your deep sense of self comfort and self love, your nurturing, tenderness and your LOVE.


You are a goddess, a leader. I admire your courage, your discoveries and your sacred offerings to me and the women. I have changed the way I bleed because of you. Though I still struggle to honour my bleeding as deeply as I would like to, I am making progress. I love bleeding and miss bleeding in the bush behind mullum where i used to live 2 years ago. I've been in sydney for two years now. Anyway I want to say i love you, you inspire me and your work has had a profound effect on my womanhood and probably the lives of many many other women.

Much love and immense gratitude to you sacred woman. May you be happy and may your work spread worldwide and touch the lives of millions. Blessings, blessings, blessings."


Angela. a doula, healer,  mother of a six year old daughter (at the time of writing this) , dancer, stifled writer and performer.

"This deep journey is the history of woman, it is the years of oppression and depression that has had us dampen and disbelieve our true power - it is a course in cutting the shackles of the daily, monthly grind and re-experiencing it through new eyes and new understanding - it is the reclaiming in love and compassion our true inner strength - being a woman is not about trying to be all there is - it is about being just that - a woman." Anonymous sister. 

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