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Menstrual Mentoring with Katherine.

Menstrual and Fertility concerns are deeply private and not always about illness. Often, we just don't know what we don't know.

Coaching with me is about understanding where you are, with your fertile force, what parts of it you would love to know more about, what you could do with some support with. Rarely did our mothers even know this to share this, and that Cleo/Dolly magazine only told us to do what a doctor says.  NOW, with the new emerging Red Tide Rising, we know different.  

The MENSTRUAL experience is not meant to be Pain-full. 
The FERTILE force can be harnessed to grow our life. 
The FEMALE EXPERIENCE is valuable, as are women. 
TO be HELD safe and sacred, while you do the work. 

To be held, while you do the work, for no one can do this for you, but those of us with my calling can walk with you. 


I am part educator, part healer, part witch, mostly woman, midwifing women to the power that lives in their bodies, their wombs. 


Sessions with me are often full of tools, wisdom, tears and loads of laughter. Whether in person or skype, we manage to have a powerfilled conversation, that sets some important wheels in motion.


You go away and do the work, then come back to me with what you learnt. Most of what you really learn, comes from your body and the experience of really being in it.


What I share is perhaps the language, understanding and perceptions our culture can not hold when it does not value the female experience. 

Cyclical WISDOM sourced from our Earth. 

Opening to our Mother line at Ovulation. Acknowledging who we are, where we have come from. Celebrating the Woman.


Healing what is next to heal at our Pre-Menstrual, sharing the Truth of who we are, in all her Raw and precious power. 


Knowing our purpose, as we sink deeply into our bloodmind, that we may be guided from within during our Menstrual phase. 


Creating with ALL the power of life a single egg has, to create the life we Choose in Pre-Ovulation. 


As we map this new found world, exploring what can be done differently, wisely, now we have the respect for ourselves we have always deserved. We get to share it with our menfolk, our children, our world. The tools I have created are for this purpose.


For as much as we have tried to hide, we have impact, tis time for this all to become conscious and in that FREEDOM to share ALL of who you are and how you live on the inside.  


Our Daughters and Sons shall know a new world... the one we all get to build together. 

Email Katherine Cunningham on, or Call 0409953518,
for a session time to suit you. BOOK ONLINE NOW. 
Currently I am available for $70 per hour, booked in hourly sessions. This will change.  
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