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Seven Sisters Festival 
Blood Ritual Artefacts
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Teraphims, small statues, have been found for thousands of years throughout the world. There are many that have done the work of bringing this alternate version of our history to light. To show and share the love of women, possibilities of Matrifocal life, the work of both Lithuanian archaeologist, scholar and archaeomythologist Marija Gimbutas and Max Dashu have deep wealth to share. These are just a small sample of their finds during a lifetime of searching.


















The small female form carved or formed has become an opportunity to HOLD and BE HELD at the same time by The Great Mother. The sculpture that you can hold here, “Fragile, Please Touch Me” is a work by the most amazing Kathleen Aguis. 


The Goddess Timeline is a body of work that illustrates how extensively they were spread. 


















This is the website and where to buy the poster set 


The Goddess Timeline video’s.   are really worth a watch. 

Blood Bowls are as simple or expressive as you choose them to be.


Current day creators of clay beauty. 











The incredible work of Lucy Pierce:


Any search for #moonblood, #sacredblood shall get you some wonderful pictures of different expressions people have come to over the years. 


Further Beauty: From Elemental Ceramics


                                                                                                                                               Further Beauty to be found here too at Selkiearts




To make our blood offerings sacred is an act of deep ownership. That is this invitation. To take the clay and make a form, like humans have for aeons of time, to consecrate and make something Holy sacred as a muscle exercised. A Ritual tool, simple and powerful. 


The Terraphim is a goddess/god form, perhaps even a self portrait, that we can hold.

The Blood Bowl is a form that we place our blood, to make our offerings. 

The Blood thumb bowl is a smaller form for a single thumb full of blood, taken as we bleed and rubbed into the clay, cycle after cycle, moon after moon. This small tool becomes an intimate expression of you, of your power built over time. 


Here at Seven Sisters Festival 2022, we have an opportunity to sink into our blood selves, so yes, some of this work is for those that bleed, noting that not all women bleed and not all that bleed are women. That being said, to drop into your past blood self to make a terraphim in celebration of all that was, or to build a bowl for your child or nibling, in a gift of recognition of what can become sacred when we choose, but first the idea needs to be shared. For we live in a culture that will not enable us to make this choice easily. 


Valuing the menstrual experience can become such an act of defiance for any that choose that path for themselves. Along this path is also claiming our pleasure as our own, trusting our bodies to birth as powerfully as possible, then hopefully a true state of financial sovereignty. So much of this path begins with choosing to be with the blood, listen, learn, release, grow from the inside out, not the externalised versions of who we are “meant” to be. Remembering that patriarchy will not give you the skills to dismantle it. We need to collect them from living in balance with self, other and earth. 


Essentially. Get yourself some clay. Sink in and see what form arrives. 


We don’t have the capacity to fire these, but there will be some details arriving soon to learn how to raku fire your creations in a backyard fire. Watch this space! 

sacred yoni flame.JPG
Lucy Pierce MoonbloodTerraphim.JPG
Glastonbury tor ceramic pendant.JPG
blood heart bowl.JPG
blood cunt bowl.JPG
blood bowl water.JPG
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