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Temple of the Blood, Menstrual Meditation.

Change the Belief, Change the Experience 


Shifting the Menstrual Experience from the inside.


This guided visual journey can create access to the causal level of the belief system about

the menstrual experience. By using this meditation each time you cycle, or pre-menstrual

if that is a harsher time, allow yourself to truly change something that is not yours, you

did not decide to have this shame nor pain, OUR culture did!


Every woman was born without shame of their body's normal cycle self, we were taught that. 


The menstrual cycle is not designed to be painful, but pain is generated from many places. 


From the album notes... 


My first blood I can scarcely remember. The Shame of my rusty smell was present, but not the moment I became a woman. The pain, the pain was all I knew. Why was I cursed with such pain? We all were, silent in our agony, knowing grimaces as we clutched our abdomens forcing ourselves into the normality of our brothers world, our greatest fear, that of detection. Then, I was asked a question, “What is it of being a woman that I was afraid of?”


This question set my path in motion, as each cycle thereafter I began to care for myself during the blood. I began to open and wonder at its presence within my body, within the bodies of all women. I found a place where I was at peace with my body, my Blood and there was no more pain. Then there came a tool, a simple, elegant, woman devised tool; The Keeper. A small soft rubber cup that collected my Blood and could be washed and re-used for the next 10 years. This set me free from the financial tyranny of an industry I had long mistrusted.


From the freedom The Keeper afforded I began to have actual contact with the many hues of red my Blood contains. From there I opened to many books, many women, and each cycle dedicated me further into what I have come to understand as my Blood Contract. As my relationship with the Moon deepened, as I began to fathom Her governing of the Earth’s water, I became aware of the ebb and flow of being a woman.


I looked to my sisters and saw pain and shame and began to share that which I knew. The more I opened my mouth, the more I felt to say out loud. This Meditation, this journey through the shame to the other side into the strength to bleed well, this first Blood of the ancients, has come from those moments of Blood that She has spoken through me.


Thus this meditation is a beginning, a place to start to open to your own understanding of what the Blood means to you as an individual and to us all as women of this planet. Imagine what we can be if we are free to share the Blood knowledge with our brothers, our fathers, our sons and our lovers. Imagine our world where the Blood is a sacrament... as it was once know to be by our ancient sisters. Imagine our Temple of the Blood within, sacred again. 


I invite you to this work, experience it for yourself. If you can find a place as a health practitioner that can consider prescribing this meditation for your female clients that just can't seem to shift the negative state... please contact for wholesale CD sales or affiliate options. 


"The Temple of the Blood contains the most powerful. moving meditation on menstrual wisdom I have ever experienced." 

Christine Northrup, MD & best-selling women's health author


With Deep Blessings of the Blood for there are so many, Katherine Cunningham.


The physical CD, only 150 left, purchase from Katherine Cunningham 

direct, $25 AUD which includes postage to any where in the world.  

Physical CD of Temple of the Blood Menstrual Meditation.

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