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Why would you purchase this work?

Harnessing the Fertile Force is for creating the howlback of your cycle... the more you love and live in your body, the more delicious it is to live in your body!!


What is in the bundle?

ALL of the four visualzations, the charting .pdf, the notes .pdf.  By following the class notes, you will see how the work is to be used. By using the chart, making the notes on what is, and sharing that process with your partner and family together you can truly open the conversation to being with your menstrual cycle not in denial of it's effect upon you and your world. 


How to use:

Once you have your four tools/visualizations on an mp3 player, use the one corresponding to the phase you are in right now. Have you just finished menstruating? Can you feel the fullness of ovulation? or perhaps a tension of just before your menstruation is due? Where ever you are, begin. Each visualization is between 20-30 mins long. I hope that you can find that kind of time for yourself every day, if not, just four times a cycle. 


Becoming aware of when you are ovulating is probably the hardest for most women in this culture. Interestingly this is information about the self that few women are trained to understand about their own bodies. How beautiful it will be when more women are invested in this kind of education, this kind of self knowledge. For turning and facing our fertile force, our power to create life both physically and creatively, we can harness it for building a life we truly wish to live, rather than a shadow of who we are, medicated to a place where we can not feel the pulse of a throbbing fire in our belly. I find it a clear waste of a life to merely drag oneself through time, rather than ride the wisdom and power available in every cycle to truly have the self in alignment with our truth, our source, living a life that has deep meaning to the self. Whole, real and passionate! Turn delicious woman, turn and face your power to create ANYTHING you choose!   


Harnessing the Fertile Force, audio sketches.

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