Living Gently

Living Gently with the self, with each other and with the earth.

Welcome to the work of  Katherine Cunningham.
Since 1995 I have studied the menstrual experience.There is a DEEP well of knowing available to every woman within her, but most have been distanced from this source of self.  Returning to her, to the earth and to an experience of Sisterhood this planet desperately NEEDS is the work that I offer. 
This is knowing that your mother could have used and your daughters have a right to know...
                                  This is the REAL BEAUTY of being a woman.

There are a number of choices that each woman can make to open her menstrual experience to a profound new feeling within her body.  The first is to enter here... explore what is on offer and allow yourself to re-image the belief systems surrounding the menstrual being. This is education that inhabits the whole of your being, as it is shared in the circle, with the rituals that set new paths unfolding. 
There are classes, mooncups, Meditation CD's, articles, vision and much more!  Take the "measuring the menstrual experience" survey to get a hint of what may change in your life. 
                           Living Gently, with the self, with each other and with the Earth!

Every solution this earth needs is already here, what we lack is the will. Our will has been usurped, this toolbox is one of the access places to wield our will as we truly choose... beyond the cultural definition of being a woman, back home, to where we are fully connected to the Earth. 

To Truly set ourselves free we need to re-write an old curse, into a NEW verse!  Please come and play!